Bamboo Tumbler

Bamboo Tumbler

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With Jin Tea’s line of handy tumblers, you will be able to (cold) brew our organic loose leaf tea easily and it's perfect for on the go. You can create just the right flavor by yourself any time and anywhere. Also, the outside Traditional Chinese character's design can add more flavor to it. It totally can be a trendy accessory!

  • Do not soak the bamboo lid in water
  • Recommend hand wash
  • Children should not handle hot fluids
  • Do not freeze or microwave

stainless steel filter / the inside is carefully finished with zisha clay to perfectly brew, preserve and improve the taste of your tea

usage suggestion: remove the stainless steel filter and put the desired amount of tea leave s into the tumbler /place the filter back, fill with hot or cold water, cover and let it steep for a desired amount of time / remove the cover, leave the filter in the tumbler, enjoy your tea!

14oz / 420ml / 8H x 3W

*caution hot

Jin Bamboo Tumbler